Supermarket criticised over false parking ticket


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A couple from Banbury have hit out at supermarket chain Morrisons after they were issued with an £85 parking fine when their car was in for work at a nearby garage.

Kenny Williams and his partner Rebecca Foot were left puzzled after receiving the bill in the post, which claimed their white camper van had been left in the car park of the Banbury branch for over six hours.

The couple's vehicle was in fact undergoing its MOT test at a local Kwik Fit for at least one hour when it was claimed to be in the car park - a fact that was later confirmed by the garage.

Speaking to the Banbury Guardian, Mr Williams said: "When we got the letter we were racking our brains as to where we were that day and we had a Eurika moment and realised we were getting the MOT done and there's just no way it could have been there, especially for six hours."

He added: "It's wrong that if you go shopping there you get clobbered for a fine. Other people, like pensioners, might not question it and might be paying a charge for nothing. I would like it to be investigated because they are causing unnecessary distress to people."

Parking at the Morrisons supermarket in question is managed by Parking Eye, which uses automatic number plate recognition technology (ANPR) to track vehicles entering and leaving the car park and the time each spends there.

Morrisons later issued a statement apologising for a 'technical error' with the camera system. The supermarket giant also confirmed that the fine had been cancelled.