Ferrari FXX Evoluziones meet at Monza


Ferrari FXX

With all the hype surrounding Ferrari's latest top-tier hypercar, the LaFerrari, it is easy to overlook some of the stellar products of its recent past. Thankfully a group of FXX Evoluzione owners were on hand at Italy's Monza race circuit recently to fly the flag for naturally aspirated V12 engines unencumbered with new-fangled hybrid technology.

The FXX Evoluzione was the final development of Ferrari's last hypercar great, the Enzo. Not burdened with the need to be road legal – and all the extra weight, safety kit and exhaust silencers that entails – it was seen as the ultimate expression of Ferrari track mastery when development ended in 2009.

With an 848bhp engine (the regular Enzo develops 651bhp) and the ability to sprint to its 250mph top speed from a standstill in under 40 seconds, the FXX Evoluzione has been crowned Ferrari's fastest ever customer car.

Despite being sold to customers, not one has ever taken their ultimate toy home, with Ferrari instead keeping them at the factory and arranging trackdays for owners to come and have a play. It was on one such day that the footage is taken.

Hit play below, but be warned: the noise alone will make you nostalgic for the old days of Formula 1.