Volvo boss wants potent V40 Polestar model


Polestar Volvo C30

Volvo's UK boss has expressed his wish for a V40 Polestar hot hatchback to take on Mercedes and BMW.
> Speaking exclusively to AOL Cars, Nick Connor said that he and other Volvo managing directors around the world have told Polestar they want a tuned V40 hatchback to take on performance cars like the Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG and BMW 135i.

"I think a V40 Polestar would be a perfect car for the UK market," he told us.

"When Polestar created the C30 Polestar Concept Car, people were asking how can we buy one? People were genuinely disappointed that it wasn't going to be available as a production car.

"A Polestar V40 would have a lot of credibility," he added.

Connor's comments come after Volvo's recent opening of its order books for the new V60 Polestar.

Acting as Volvo's official tuning partner, Polestar has reworked and retuned the V60 to create a limited edition model brimming with racy features. Only 125 are coming to the UK and Connor admitted that most had already been sold, despite the car not arriving for delivery until September.

"I was lucky enough to take the car out for a few days last week and at the filling station people came over and talked to me about it. People are genuinely excited by it because it harks back to the great British Touring Car Championship days of the '90s with the 850 T5-R estate – they loved that and they will love the V60 Polestar.

"There was always going to be a limited run of these V60 Polestars but I think we could have definitely sold many times more than what we have taken," Connor said.

"Once they have all sold out, there is no reason why we cannot revisit it over the coming years. I would like to see a wider range of Polestar products."