Video: Isle of Man TT racer and mechanic engulfed in flames


This is the moment an Isle of Man TT racer and a mechanic were engulfed in a massive fireball when a high-powered motorcycle caught fire during a Supersport race on Wednesday.
> TT competitor Grant Wagstaff pulled into the refuelling lane on his Yamaha/Ducks Cross Racing supersports motorcycle when high octane fuel was accidentally spilt onto the hot engine, causing a fireball to rapidly erupt.

Footage captured at the time shows a member of the support team attempting to put out the flames that had blown up into the face of Wagstaff and a mechanic, who was subsequently taken to hospital to be treated for burns to his hand.

In the clip, witnesses can be heard asking, "what are they doing?" as the team frantically attempts to mop up some of the initial fuel spillage. Gasps and screams then resonate as the highly flammable liquid combusts, forcing Wagstaff to drop his motorcycle and roll onto the ground.

Fire crews are quickly on the scene and begin to extinguish the stricken biker as the mechanic can be seen desperately trying to put out the flames that have engulfed his overalls in the background.

Amazingly Wagstaff and the rest of the pit crew managed to escape unharmed, with the biker's thick leather race suit protecting his skin from the flames.

The description accompanying the video upload reads: "Ben (the mechanic) was treated at Nobles Hospital for burns and was kept in on Wednesday night, but released on Thursday.

"Everyone else was ok. And Grant was flying (on fire?) before the fire!"

Watch the video footage below