Seb Vettel talks exclusively to AOL Cars ahead of Canadian Grand Prix


Four times F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel has given AOL Cars an exclusive video interview ahead of this weekend's Canadian Grand Prix.
> Just 24 hours after he dropped out of the Monaco Grand Prix with just a handful of laps completed, the Infiniti Red Bull ace jumped into a Q50 and took us for a spin around the Paul Ricard Circuit, France.

While throwing us around the track near enough everywhere sideways, we tried to ask the champion as many questions as we could – including what he thinks of the BMW 3 Series rivaling Q50, his thoughts on Monaco and whether Red Bull can catch runaway Mercedes this year.

Relaxed and calm (unlike his interviewer) as he tried to catch David Coulthard, who was also giving passenger rides, Vettel tells us he "likes" the Q50 and is looking forward to getting the sporty Eau Rouge version as his company car.

And while effortlessly drifting the hybrid Q50, he says it's "difficult to say" if his team will catch Mercedes this year, but that he "hopes" they will.

"I think we can catch them," he tells us.

"I believe in what the team can do. The question is whether it will be soon enough. I'm afraid I can't give you an exact answer when – I'd love to and say the next race!"

Watch the video below for the full interview...