Video: This is why you wear seatbelts


Stop sign and seat belt sign.

For most drivers, strapping themselves in with a seatbelt is part of their daily routine. That familiar clunk-click a reassuring confirmation that you're as safe as possible as you venture out onto the roads.

However, despite increasingly heavy-handed legislation, there is a small minority of drivers who still refuse to see the life-saving benefits of this innocuous length of material. The video below might make them change their minds.

Captured (somewhat predictably) on a Russian dash-cam, the footage shows a driver perform a miss-timed overtaking manouevre. Failing to correctly judge the speed of an oncoming SUV, he slams into it head on at a closing speed of around 90mph.

All of which would have been bad enough on its own, but the inept motorist wasn't wearing his seatbelt, meaning he was ejected through the windscreen in a flash. Thankfully he's not so injured he can't get himself up off the floor, but we'd bet his head is rather sore.

Click play to watch the footage below.