The ten least satisfying cars to own


Results from this year's JD Power Survey revealed that Lexus and Jaguar customers were happiest with their purchases.

The comprehensive customer satisfaction survey measures consumer gratification with their chosen set of wheels, the dealers that sold and continue to maintain them as well as issues surrounding reliability and styling.

It is fairly obvious that the Jaguar XFR and Lexus IS 300 are both powerful and attractive machines to behold but what about those models that wallow at the very bottom of the table?

Below are the ten cars that UK buyers dubbed the least satisfying to own. Take a look and avoid like the plague...

Citroen C1

The humble C1 shares its platform with the Peugeot 107 and Toyota Aygo, which will all receive updated models this year, but customers claim the Citroen is the least satisfying car of them all. Blame the unrefined engine and dull styling for that.

Ford Fusion

This bloated Fiesta never really took off in the UK and that's why the model can no longer be found gracing showrooms up and down the country. The dodgy mini-MPV styling and unjustifiable price hike over Ford's best-selling hatchback ensure it props up the bottom of the table.

Smart ForTwo

Despite boasting impressive safety records and dimensions that allow it to squeeze into some of the smallest inner-city parking spots, the ForTwo failed to satisfy customers after the initial purchase. This is possibly due to a patchy reliability record and the advent of much sexier superminis from rival manufacturers.

Citroen C4

The French marque didn't exactly have the most impressive 2013/2014 season and much like some of last summer's biggest Premier League transfers, Citroen's C4 promised style, flair and originality but failed to impress crowds and nursed injuries far too often.

Fiat Grande Punto

We can only assume that Fiat customers were initially very pleased with their purchase until they hopped in a friend's Ford Fiesta and completely regretted shelling out for the Italian hatchback. It's lack of onboard tech and lifeless driving experience sent it straight to the bottom of the pile.

The ten least satisfying cars to own

The ten least satisfying cars to own

Ford Ka

Ford continually tops the UK's 'best seller' list with its Focus and Fiesta, battling the likes of Nissan and Vauxhall on a yearly basis, but that doesn't mean the Blue Oval is untouchable. The awkwardly-styled Ka failed to impress customers, who would have been better off visiting a Skoda dealer.


The fact that esteemed marques like BMW can appear on this list proves that constant meddling and fusing of body shapes is not always a good thing. It's ugly, expensive and pointless.

Citroen C3

Yes, Citroen is on the list again. Perhaps the French marque should spend less time doodling chic designs and more time making sure their cars don't fall apart.

Alfa Romeo MiTo

Alfa has long been tarred with the 'unreliable' brush but its current model line-up (excluding the 4C) lacks the pizazz that makes the odd breakdown worth the hassle. In fact, the cars massively fall behind rivals in terms of driveability, premium feel and value for money.

Chevrolet Spark

It's no surprise that Chevrolet has recently withdrawn from the UK market, customers just didn't click with its awkward and relatively expensive range of vehicles. The Spark is officially the least satisfying car to own, according to the JD Power Survey. Avoid.

The ten least satisfying cars to own

The ten least satisfying cars to own