Residents furious as contractors resurface half a road


road surfacing

Locals of a residential road in Little Lever, outside Bolton in Greater Manchester, have been left fuming after council contractors resurfaced half of the street, leaving the other side completely untouched.
> The situation arose when contractor United Utilities was called in to work on repairing Wilson's Bridge in the Little Lever area. Heavy goods vehicles were required to complete the project and regularly used Boscow Road as a thoroughfare to the work site.

United Utilities were contractually obliged to restore the surface of Boscow Road to its original state before work on the nearby bridge had started. The contractor fulfilled its obligations by resurfacing half of the road, according to Bolton Council.

But local residents have been left angered about the bizarre arrangement, saying it creates huge puddles that disguise the giant potholes, which have been left by the lorries regularly using the road.

"We are absolutely disgusted," Irene Mcnamara told the ITV News. "The road by my house is breaking away and it's going to get even worse when it starts raining.

road surfacing

"Heavy goods vehicles drive over the untouched side of the road all the time and it's difficult to drive on because it's so bumpy.

"The workers have covered up some potholes, but they've not done anything for me or my neighbours. It just doesn't seem fair," she added.

Boscow Road resident Elaine Ingham told the Bolton News: "It's just ridiculous. United Utilities have left pothole after pothole on this street. Why have they re-done the opposite side of the road and left the side leading to our houses?

"We've got no drainage on our side of the street so, when it rains, it looks like a swimming pool. I feel completely let down, we all do."

A United Utilities spokesman said: "We have been liaising with Bolton Council's highways department over how best to reinstate Boscow Road following our project at Wilson's Bridge so that the road is in at least as good a condition as it was before we started work.

"The work has been done according to that agreement."