Hot Infintis may get Red Bull Racing badge


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Infiniti needs a performance version of every model in its range and a tuning arm to rival Mercedes AMG and BMW's M Division – and what's more, the maker hasn't ruled out using the Red Bull Racing name on its cars either.

At least that's what Andreas Sigl is saying, the man in charge of the manufacturer's tie-up with Formula One's Red Bull Racing team.

Speaking exclusively to AOL Cars, Sigl said: "If you ask me, every Infiniti should have an element of performance in it. It should be throughout the range and the Eau Rouge Q50 we are developing is an important step towards that.

"We need an M Division rival, or an AMG rival. We need to build that."

The manufacturer is developing the Nissan GT-R powered Eau Rouge – named after the famous Spa corner – with their director of performance, four times world champion Sebastian Vettel. The car has four-wheel drive and more than 550bhp.

"When Seb became our director of performance he said 'where is my performance car', and I told him the Eau Rouge was coming. He was very excited by it and is playing a close hand in its development," said Sigl.

The Infiniti chief also admitted that the Eau Rouge name may not stick. It's currently the name of the development car, but Sigl was said it could change.

"We haven't ruled out using the Red Bull Racing name, or Sebastian's name again, but our priority has to be to raise Infiniti's profile at this moment in time."

Infiniti Red Bull Racing chief Christian Horner told us that he'd driven the Eau Rouge Q50 and found it "very impressive".

Horner told AOL Cars: "We're helping to develop the Eau Rouge version of the Q50 and it's an exciting car and an exciting partnership. There is technology transfer between Red Bull and Infiniti, and there will be some Formula One DNA in that product.

"I've driven it and thought it was amazing. It's still quite raw in its development but it's very impressive. Vettel is doing a lot of work on it. I think Infiniti needs a halo car – the Q50 is a great car and the Eau Rouge version could be that head-turner."

Sigl also hinted at future high performance models entering the rest of the Infiniti range – including a subtle nod when we suggested the forthcoming Q30, set to be built in Sunderland from summer 2015, could get the Vettel touch

"We're working on some very exciting stuff," hinted Sigl.

"Look at what Mercedes did with the A45 AMG – that's an exciting car, right? We need something similar..."