Google wows California locals with self-driving car


google car

It's no secret that Google is currently in an automotive arms race with numerous technology and vehicle manufacturers, including Nissan and Volvo, to create the world's first fully autonomous car.

Up until now, however, no-one outside of Google has sampled the firm's endeavours, and we've been limited to watching footage of the countless hours of testing the Internet giant has done with its fleet of Toyota Prius development vehicles.

Now, for the first time, Google has created prototypes of its self-driving car and offered passenger rides to California natives to gauge their reactions.

On the face of it, the matte grey bubble-shaped vehicle isn't what most would envisage the car of the future would look like. However, look past the monochrome 'Noddy' design theme and this strange little runabout is arguably the most advanced car on the planet.

Click play below to watch as Americans young and old are captivated by this futuristic technology. As they attest, the benefits of autonomous vehicles are near limitless.