HGV driver rescues truck from dramatic crash


A trucker in Kansas, USA, managed to save his enormous HGV from the brink of a devastating accident when high winds threatened to tip his trailer on its side.

Video, captured by the dash-mounted camera of a following vehicle, shows the moment high winds pummel the side of the big rig, forcing the rear of the long vehicle to step out.

The quick thinking driver corrects the steering and attempts to do battle with Mother Nature but the trailer threatens to topple over, riding on the outside wheels for a few yards before crashing back down onto the blacktop.

Passengers in the perusing vehicle can be heard cursing and swearing as the massive lorry shows signs of spectacularly flipping over.

Luckily, the driver manages to regain some control of his vehicle and steers it on to the dusty ground beside the road, narrowly avoiding a terrible accident and keeping the HGV out of harm's way.

Jeff Steinberg, owner and instructor at APEX CDL Institute, told Fox Carolina the driver of the semi did an outstanding job in keeping the rig from rolling over.

"That driver deserves a medal," Steinberg said. "That was a great driving manoeuvre there."

"He did the only thing you could do, which was a perfect reaction to turn in the wind," Steinberg said.

"There's no way to actually teach that."