Biker hits cyclist, stupidly uploads evidence to the internet


A video has surfaced on the web that shows a motorcyclist allegedly hitting a man on his bicycle in central London.

The clip, which was captured on the biker's helmet cam as he made his way through The Mall in London, shows the moment the handlebars of his Ducati clips the rear of the cyclist, sending the pedal-pusher tumbling to the floor.

The cyclist, who was wearing a bright day-glow jacket and silver helmet a the time of the incident, looks confused as the motorcyclist stops to first push his stricken bicycle out of the way and then confront the man on the ground.

Online commenters have been quick to condemn the action of the biker, who attempts to lay blame on the cyclist for using his mobile phone while riding. But the motorcyclist clearly attempted to undertake a fellow road user and strayed into the cycle lane.

The video features a watermark in the top right hand side that reads 'Ducati Dragons', denoting that it is or was part of a Ducati Multistrada and Hypermotard YouTube fan page set up by a member of the Ducati Hyperstrada forum.

A post from 'NiceweatherManni' from August 2013 reads: "Better take thy (sic) video with the cyclist offline dude... I don't think that the video is good for you."

To which fellow member 'phantomfighter', the user responsible for setting up the Ducati Dragons YouTube page, replies: "All done. I don't know what I was thinking putting that up to be honest. I guess I was hungry for views. Silly me deleted now."

According to various online users, the original video was quickly removed from the YouTube channel but has since been 'mirrored' and shared on a number of occasions to raise awareness of the dangers cyclists face.