Cop jumps off bridge to avoid 'intoxicated' driver


A Missouri City police officer was forced to take extreme evasive action when an alleged drink-driver lost control of her car and slammed into the back of a vehicle that the officers were investigating.

The incident occurred on Highway 6, just outside the city of Houston, Texas, and saw 46-year-old PE Teacher Christie Diane Biggers plough into the rear of officer Kenneth Lewis' patrol car as it was parked on a bridge, having just pulled over another driver.

Biggers set off a chain reaction of carnage as the force from her wayward vehicle caused the stationary police car to catapult into the area where the two Missouri City officers were questioning a motorist.

Officer Lewis, who was standing between the passenger door and the bridge railing, was forced to take evasive action when he saw the police car speeding towards him.

According to Missouri City police, officer Lewis lost his grip on the edge of the bridge after leaping over the railings and plummeted 20-30ft into the ravine below.

He suffered a partially ruptured aorta and a fractured pelvis and was airlifted to Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Texas Medical Center, where he remains in a serious but stable condition.

Officers at the scene reported that Biggers had bloodshot eyes and alcohol on her breath when they questioned her; she also failed a sobriety test at the scene.

She has been charged with intoxication assault and is now in Fort Bend County Jail.

The Sugar Land Police department is now investigating the cause of the crash while officer Lewis, who has only been in the police force for three months, is recovering in hospital.

Watch the shocking incident unfold in the video below