Half naked girl does yoga on a motorcycle


We've heard about flexible individuals practicing yoga in some strange places: temples atop mountains, straddling wooden groynes on empty beaches and right in the middle of a sauna with the heating turned up to the max.

But the video below shows one talented lady practicing the ancient Indian tradition on a moving motorcycle... while wearing what appears to be her underpants and bra. A certain first.

The leggy lady can be seen performing a repertoire of stretchy manoeuvres as her customised Suzuki GSX-R sports bike cruises down an open road.

Further information surrounding the origins of the video is scarce but we do know it was filmed in San Jose, California (hence the lack of helmet) and that the female rider is far more courageous (and arguably foolish) than we will ever be.

Click play below, and if you know the lady in question, perhaps suggest she invests in a nice set of leathers.