Alleged drink-driver 'beats himself up' to avoid breath test


Warning for 'morning after' drivers

A suspected drink-driver managed to escape a breath test after he 'beat himself' up at the police station in which he was being questioned.

Stuart Andrews, 26, reportedly punched himself in the face, head-butted doors and ran into walls in an attempt to avoid the alcohol breath test.

Magistrates in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, heard that it was impossible to obtain a successful reading due to the injuries Andrews had inflicted upon himself.

The court also heard how Andrews, from Sutton-in-Ashfield, had been pulled over when officers became suspicious of his driving, only for the allegedly drunk driver to stagger out of his car and sway into the road in full view of the police.

Andrews claimed he had been drinking because he was upset that his girlfriend had sent him pictures of herself with another man, according to The Mirror.

He admitted refusing to give a breath sample and was banned from driving for three years and handed a supervision order.

This isn't the first time a driver has gone to great lenghts to avoid the long arm of the law, as a woman from Massachusetts, USA, claimed she had been kidnapped because she was "intoxicated by fear" that she was going to be caught driving under the influence.

The bizarre incident, which occurred in June last year, required officers to break the windows of the woman's hatchback in order to 'free' her from the car.

Police could not confirm if the woman had, in fact, been driving while intoxicated.