Clarkson's Alfa Romeo 75 up for sale


The chaps at Top Gear believe that you can't be classed as a true petrolhead until you've owned an Alfa Romeo.
> Well now you can join the coveted club of car nuts by not only owning an Alfa but also becoming the custodian of an exotic Italian machine that has previously been bought, fettled and driven by Jeremy Clarkson himself.

The Alfa Romeo 75 3.0 V6 was purchased by the famous motormouth in 2008 during series 11 of the hit TV show when the troublesome trio were challenged to obtain an Alfa for under £1,000 and then race, showcase and photograph their machines.

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Clarkson managed to pick his 75 up for just £450 but as you can see from the images, it wasn't exactly a flawless example. To make matters worse, Clarkson then added his own 'personal touches' prior to 'showing' the car at an Alfa Romeo Concours competition.

The mint green machine is now being sold via PistonHeads by a private owner in the Tyne and Wear area. It is said to have 51,415 miles on the clock and it lacks an MOT but 'all welding' has been carried out and allegedly it is a 'good, strong car'.

A box full of spare parts will also be offered with the sale – and let's be honest, this is an Alfa Romeo, so you're going to need them – and the buyer is reminded that this is very much a 'sold as seen' affair.

Just £2,000 buys you this piece of television memorabilia but there is no guarantee that it won't spectacularly explode, Top Gear-style, should you attempt to drive it home.

Jeremy Clarkson's Alfa Romeo 75

Jeremy Clarkson's Alfa Romeo 75