Jaguar to build six new 'Lightweight' E-Types


The British marque is set to undertake the biggest 're-creation' project in its long and illustrious history when it builds six new 'Lightweight' E-Types.

Originally manufactured in 1963, the 'Lightweight' variants of the now iconic E-Type were created by Jaguar's competition division to compete in the early GT series.

Just 12 of these special cars were ever manufactured, all of which featured a number of aluminium components to shed 114kg over its road-going counterpart and a fearsome 300bhp version of the 3.8-litre straight six engine.

A total of 18 vehicles were supposed to be built but for reasons unknown, only 12 rolled off the production line. Jaguar is set to change that when its expert craftsmen meticulously replicate the original 1960s cars for a limited run of six.

Each car will feature the same 3.8-litre engine as that found in the originals, an all- aluminium monocoque, aluminium body work, hand-made chrome exterior features and a perfectly reproduced minimal interior.

Each car will also be assigned one of the six remaining chassis numbers which were originally allocated in 1963.

A staggering 11 out of the 12 'Lightweight' E-Types that were produced are believed to have survived over 50 years, a fact that is even more astounding when you consider the likes of Graham Hill, Jackie Stewart and Roy Salvadori drove these machines at their very limit.

All six reproductions will go on sale, initially offered to established Jaguar collectors, especially those with historic race car interests, before being extended to other interested parties.

There is no word on price but the stunning 'Lightweight' E-Types will make their first public appearances later this summer.

New Jaguar 'Lightweight' E-Type

New Jaguar 'Lightweight' E-Type