Man creates booming 'slushie' business from back of Smart car


You may have seen frothy cappuccinos sold from the back of a Tuk-Tuk or ice creams vended from the side of a vintage VW camper van but young entrepreneur Adam Trice is reaping the rewards of a very different vehicular-based treat.
> Adam, 25, from Kent, has established a successful business selling ice cold 'slushie' drinks from the back of his minuscule Smart car.

The idea came to the young businessman when he worked at an adventure park, where he soon realised the icy and often-luminous flavoured drink – which is also cheap to make – sold like proverbial hotcakes throughout the year.

He told the Daily Mail: "I sold slush when I was at the park and couldn't believe how popular it was in all weathers and at any age.

"It got me thinking that it was clearly a great product and how I could make it different to what's already out there.

"I saw a Smart car selling coffee and knew it would work with slush and within a month I had my first car."

The business instantly captured the attention of the public and Adam was soon catering for a number of events, including weddings and parties, before the Dockside Outlet Centre in Chatham invited him to sell his icy creations in the busy shopping precinct.

"I do sometimes get asked why I don't have a van but I took the passenger seat out and put shelving in so it's surprisingly roomy and very quirky so draws more attention to the business," Adam told the Gravesend Reporter.

"Besides, the car is very popular at the shopping centre because rarely does anyone walk past and not say 'ooh look at that'.

"It's going well and it's still not picked up for summer yet. On a hot day, I can probably serve about 200 people, which is great."

Adam charges £2 a slush but hires out the machinery for parties at the cost of £85 to the customer. He can also add alcohol to his drinks should his clients require it.

What about his plans for the future? "The plan is to have a fleet of slush Smart cars. I started my business in August and have been busy ever since then and will only get busier when it gets hotter," he revealed.

Check out Adam's website for more information.