Russell Brand stops road rage incident... with hugs!


Controversial comedian Russell Brand has long been an advocate for peace and love but he put his words into action last week when he single-handedly stopped a road rage incident with a big hug.

Twitter user Joe Stas posted an image of Brand cuddling a random cyclist on the social network on May 8 with the accompanying words: "Just witnessed @rustyrockets stop road rage with a hug".

According to onlookers, a van driver almost collided with the cyclist pictured, forcing a frank and heated exchange between the motorists and the man on two wheels.

Witness Joe, who reached for his smartphone to quickly photograph proceedings, told the Evening Standard's Alexandra Rucki that Brand saw the incident, hopped out of his black Mercedes and intervened.

"I was working and could hear an argument taking place outside," Joe said.

"By the time I got outside, the argument between a cyclist and a van driver was getting heated, the traffic had stopped, then Russell gets out of his car and approached the guy on the bike and gives him a hug. The cyclist then smiled and laughed and cycled off."

Brand re-tweeted Joe's original update, accompanied by the hashtag #loveisallyouneed.