Video: Seatbelts are a legal requirement for a reason


Can you believe that seatbelts were made a legal requirement in 1983? That means anyone over the age of 30 has been transported around in a tin box of doom with nothing to prevent the inevitable slingshot-through-the-front windscreen effect in the unfortunate event of a collision.

Luckily, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accident's president Lord Nugent noticed that seatbelts were pretty good at keeping occupants from rattling around car cabins, so he campaigned to make them mandatory by law.

It seems that Russia needs a Lord Nugent of its own as the video below, which was captured on a dash-mounted camera, clearly shows that 'buckling-up' is still considered an inconvenience in the former Soviet Union.

In the clip, a white van man can be seen attempting a cheeky U-turn in the middle of a busy street, only to tackle the manoeuvre with too much speed and topple out of his cab in spectacular fashion.

If anyone needs reminding why seatbelts are important, click play below and take notes.