Thief steals, dismantles and crams 'hot' BMW X6 into van


A Romanian car thief has been caught red-handed attempting to cross the Nagylak border in Hungary with a stolen BMW X6 in the rear of his Volkswagen panel van.
> Rather than hotwiring the in-demand SUV and hotfooting it across Europe, the creative crim decided to slice up his stolen goods and pack them in the rear of an unassuming VW LT van, under the guise that he was merely transporting scrap parts.

According to, the thief stole the white X6 in Italy before taking an angle grinder to the German 4x4 and packing as many parts as he could inside his van.

He managed to get out of Italy, across to Austria and through Slovenia before border forces in Hungary decided to take a closer look at his fishy cargo. The authorities quickly became suspicious of the surprisingly fresh chopped up X6 and ran the Vehicle identification Number through the system, only to find it had been stolen a few days earlier.

The Italian authorities are currently investigating the case.