Shut the front door! Powerful Audi saloon smashes into family home


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A family of four from Earlsdon, Coventry are thanking their lucky stars after they all walked away unscathed when a powerful Audi S8 ploughed through their front door on Saturday evening.
> The 4.2-litre V8-powered Audi saloon left the road and careered through the front door of the large detached house, smashing through the hallway and coming to rest in the kitchen.

The driver, believed to be a 40-year-old male, walked away from the scene uninjured but his female passenger, aged 41, had to freed from the wreckage by fire fighters and later taken to hospital to be treated for neck, pelvic and leg injuries.

Two adults, two children and a dog were in the front room of the house watching television at the time of the incident and have been described as "extremely fortunate" to be alive, according to emergency services.

Fire crews were called in from the West Midlands Fire and Rescue Service to strengthen the front of the house to ensure a safe extraction of the stricken car.

NTI +44 (0)117 9066 550

Crew commander Glenn Mallabone, from Coventry Blue Watch, told the Daily Mail: "The car had gone straight through the entrance and took all the entrance out and brought the stairs down.

"It just missed the living room and ended up breaking in to the kitchen area. It's a big old detached house, I would estimate a 1920s build and I would imagine that helped it a bit.

"The family were in the front room watching the television and they were trapped because the car was across their exit."

Commander Mallabone alluded to the cause of the accident, claiming: "The house is right opposite a junction so I think they car had come up the road and just not stopped. It's literally gone on the drive, up the drive and straight through the front door. The only thing it hasn't done is ring the doorbell."

A spokesperson for the West Midlands Ambulance Service told the Coventry Telegraph: "Considering the damage to the house, the two adults, two children and a dog that were inside at the time of the crash were extremely fortunate not to have been injured."

Police are currently investigating the incident.