Beautifully restored BMW 2002 flipped on roof by young driver


If you've ever got a spare few hours, search 'RNickeyMouse' on YouTube. Then sit back and soak up some of the most spectacular crashes, nail-biting near-misses and epic fails that the twisting routes running along the Santa Monica Mountains have to offer.

The latest smash from the eagle-eyed videographer sadly involves a rather rare and beautiful BMW 2002 that, according to the video's owner, had recently been restored by the 17-year old driver's father.

"Driver loses traction going downhill, over corrects, rides the berm a ways before flipping his car," reads the description that accompanies the short video. It also reveals that the driver thankfully walked away uninjured.

If the sight of a classic 1960s Beemer on its roof doesn't turn your stomach, the image of it being yanked back to its feet by a tow truck surely will.

It's painful watching. You've been warned.