Road rage motorist allegedly drags woman by arm for 50ft


Michael James Deely, 48, from St Petersburg, Florida, has been arrested in connection with an incident last month where a woman was allegedly dragged down the road by her arm and then run over following a road rage incident.

According to police reports, Deely followed a female driver before overtaking and pulling in front of the 39-year-old woman while honking his horn.

The woman stopped at a set of traffic lights, stepped out of her vehicle and approached Deely's Toyota Tacoma pick-up to talk to him. That's when police claim the woman was grabbed by her arm and dragged down the road for 50ft before being run over by the big 4x4.

The unnamed woman suffered serious injuries to her arm.

Deely denies the charges and claims that he honked at the woman because she was texting on her phone and hadn't noticed the lights change in front of her.

According to the accused, the woman approached the window of his vehicle and started shouting before grabbing his door. Deely says he drove off and hadn't noticed that he had run her over.

ABC Action News says that statements from a witness to the incident, Justin Tredeau, seem to back up at least some of the woman's version of events.

"They were driving, he was speeding up and slowing down, slamming on the brakes, just to make her mad," Trudeau recalled.

"She got out of the car, went to say something and it looked like she tried pushing him or something," Trudeau said. He added the truck was traveling about 25 mph while the woman was being dragged.

Trudeau, a military veteran, got out of his vehicle and rushed to help the woman whose arm was bleeding badly.

According to the Daily Mail, Deeley's car has been impounded and he was booked into Pinellas County Jail for aggravated battery.

The case continues.