Video: Renault further teases Nurburgring record Megane


We revealed earlier this week that a number of hot hatch manufacturers are secretly working on high-performance models in order to steal a Nurburgring record from the recently released Seat Leon Cupra 280.

The hot Spanish Seat managed to set a sub-eight minute lap time of the Nurburgring's challenging Nordschleife earlier this year, taking the crown for world's fastest front-wheel-drive road car around the track.

Peugeot is said to be in on the action and Renault is most definitely busy preparing a potent Megane model to take on the challenge.

The French marque teased fans with an image posted to its Facebook page, accompanied by the line "Under 8" but left many remaining details open to speculation.

It is much clearer now, thanks in part to this video, that the 'Ring lap record will be tackled by Renault's current Megane RS 265 model with plenty of help from a new Akrapovic exhaust system, lighter wheels, improved brakes and a lowered chassis.

Engineers at Slovenian exhaust specialists Akrapovic can be seen in the video fettling dimensions, testing materials and even, erm, stroking the finished product before testing it to destruction.

Industry insider suggest that should the hot Megane prove successful around the 'Ring, it is likely to go into limited production for public consumption.

A further update is expected from Renault on June 16.