McLaren shows off special edition 650S


As zany supercar concepts go, the latest offering from McLaren isn't exactly lip smacking in its 'out-there' styling or 'ker-azy' performance figures but it does highlight the extent to which the British firm will go to please its customers.

The 650S coupe concept, which will embark on a tour of China, is the work of McLaren Special Operations (MSO) – the bespoke division of McLaren Automotive that will do pretty much anything to its vehicles as long as the customer stumps up the cash.

This particular concept has opted for the more subtle approach to supercar personalisation – sporting MSO branded side bladed, GT3 racing series rear bumper and enough interior carbon fibre to make a Formula 1 car green with envy.

An 'Agrigan Black' paintjob finishes off the extremely aggressive exterior, which itself boasts a deep ruby red metallic flake that goes some way to explaining why the marketing department Photoshopped some lava into its press pictures.

Staff at McLaren claim to be, "monitoring reaction regarding any potential production examples," as the special edition 650S goes on its travels but customers can order the side blades and the rear diffuser for their 650S now, priced at £5,114 and £7,245 respectively.

McLaren 650S Coupe Concept

McLaren 650S Coupe Concept