The UK's most stolen cars revealed


The cars most favoured by Britain's light-fingered car thieves have been revealed by electronic car locator company Tracker.

Using recovery data, the company identified the most popular cars stolen during 2013, and it seems our 'tea-leaves' have something of a penchant for premium marques.

The wideboy BMW X5 tops the list for the most stolen model, followed closely by the upmarket Range Rover – the only British marque to make the list.

In fact, the news is particularly bad if you drive a German car, as the rest of the top ten is dominated by sporty models from the country's big-three luxury manufacturers. The blistering BMW M3 takes third place – thieves no doubt seduced by its combination of prestige and raw performance.

If your car is on the list, you can take solace in the fact that Tracker is available to fit to almost any vehicle. The company returned some £8.5million worth of stolen vehicles to their rightful owners last year.

Check out the full top ten list in the gallery below.

The UK's Most Stolen Cars Revealed

The UK's Most Stolen Cars Revealed