Audi TT offroad concept hints at Range Rover Evoque rival


Standaufnahme    Farbe: Sonoragelb

The Beijing motor show is home to many weird and wonderful concepts but we didn't expect to see Audi wheeling out the crazy contraptions.

This Audi TT offroad concept seen here offers the world a glimpse of what a jacked-up SUV version of the TT might look like in the not-so distant future, with Audi technical chief Ulrich Hackenberg saying: "It will be the peak sporting SUV in its class."

Defying its gas-guzzling image, the TT offroad concept is powered by one of Audi's e-tron system, which fuses a 2.0-litre TFSI engine with an integrated 40kw electric motor, giving it the power to do battle with the Range Rover Evoque and upcoming Porsche Macan.

The turbocharged petrol engine produces 288bhp alone, while the electric motor can allow the big yellow machine to operate on battery power for 31 miles. The total range is said to be nearly 550 miles.

Divisive exterior styling aside, the concept also features wireless charging technology that allows it to be parked over a special plate to receive charge. It reportedly takes the same time as charging with a cable.

Inside, the concept borrows much of its styling from the upcoming Audi TT – so that means the new 'virtual cockpit' that consists of a massive 12.3-inch customisable TFT display is on offer.

Rear seat passengers are treated to Audi's new 'Smart Displays' that act like in-flight entertainment systems by streaming live television, playing a number of media and providing route planning functions.

The innovative 'online traffic light information' function was also on display for the first time, which allows the unit to access surrounding traffic light change sequences so the driver knows exactly what speed he or she should be doing to coast through the green lights.