World's cheapest Aston Martin DB5 up for auction


If that rather misleading headline pulled you in and got you suitably salivating, we have some bad news...

Yes, a real Aston Martin DB5 will go under the hammer on May 17 and yes, it is expected to sell for just £10,000 but it is in dire need of some serious TLC.

The car, which was originally made famous by Sean Connery in the 1964 film Goldfinger, will go on sale courtesy of the Bonhams' Aston Martin auction in Newport Pagnell next month but only diehard restoration fans will likely bid.

The 1964 DB5 in question has been stored for over 35 years and it lacks an engine. There's also the fact it has mould growing on the bodywork and most of the oily bits required to make a car move are missing.

Clive Dickinson, from Durham specialist Aston Workshop, estimates a full restoration of the car would cost in the region of £300,000, according to Western Motoring News.

The DB5 offered here has no paperwork and the chassis plate is missing, making it almost impossible to re-register the vehicle.

World's cheapest Aston Martin DB5

World's cheapest Aston Martin DB5

Clive added: "A full restoration of a DB5 would cost around £250,000 - £300,000 but DB5 values are steadily rising and a fully-restored model can now sell for £700,000.

"If this car can be registered then I wouldn't be surprised if it went as high as £150,000."

A Wiltshire business owner originally purchased the car in the late 1970s after he spotted it in a repair facility while waiting for a train at Paddington Station.

The plan was to use the functioning parts to assist the restoration of another DB5 but due to ill health, he never got round to finishing the project.

The deceased owner's family have now decided to sell the DB5 shell, expecting someone to either install it as a cool garden sculpture or bravely undertake an epic restoration project.