Dalek: A new weapon in the fight against potholes


Road Patcher

Motorists driven round the bend – and to repair centres – by the seemingly unstoppable pothole epidemic may have a new ally in the form of the 'Dalek'.

The new device, officially known as the road patcher but nicknamed after Doctor Who's most infamous adversary, costs £200,000 and can fill a pothole around 30 times faster than a conventional repair crew, all while the operator relaxes in the warmth of his truck cab.

Essentially a hydraulic arm, which can be fitted to the front of a lorry, the 'Dalek', or 'Pothole Killer' as it has been dubbed in America, is currently being trialled by Bedfordshire council and could soon be used to fix broken roads across the country.

In a report by The Mirror, local roads chief Brian Spurr said: "We're constantly investigating new ways to keep up to speed with road improvements and trying out innovative technology like this ticks all the boxes. The road patcher is going through a trial phase but could be another way that we can improve the service for residents."

Trials of the new technology that save time and money in road repairs cannot come soon enough, as a new report estimates that the cost of completely repairing roads in England in Wales will total £12billion.

Click play below to watch a US film of the 'Dalek' in action.