Video: Angry cyclist shames fellow bikers


Cycling fail

Normally used to document the anti-social antics of drivers, one cyclist is using his helmet-mounted camera to record the rule breaking of his pedal-powered brethren.

The York local has released a compilation video, which you can watch below, showcasing a variety of poor behaviour and rule breaking by the city's two-wheeled commuters.

Everything from cycling while using a mobile phone, cutting up motorists and the old favourite of running red lights is included, as well as a rather epic over-the-handlebars accident by one cyclist more concerned with removing his jacket than paying attention to the road – which will likely make you wince or smile, depending on your opinion of cyclists.

The pedal-pushing pedant even goes so far as to lecture other cyclists, shouting "you're going the wrong way!" to those he encounters flouting the rules of one-way streets.

Labelled 'Episode one', the film's producer has promised there will be more to come, including videos of the bad behaviour of motorists and pedestrians. Residents of York, you have been warned.