Toyota to recall 6.4 million vehicles worldwide


Toyota recall

Toyota is facing another recall crisis after discovering a faulty cable that's attached to the driver's side airbag in a number of its vehicles.

The Japanese manufacturer discovered that the cable could be damaged when the steering wheel is turned and lead to the airbag not being deployed in the event of an accident.

Other issues with seat rails, steering columns, windscreen wipers and a glitch within engine starter motors - that could pose a fire hazard - have lead to 6.4 million vehicles being recalled globally – 35,124 in the UK.

Toyota said it is unaware of any of the faults causing an accident but it has received two reports of engine fires attributed to the issue of faulty engine starter motors.

The latest recall affects 27 different models and is the fifth major or global recall in recent months. In fact, Toyota has recalled a total of 25 million vehicles globally in the past two-and-a-half years – that number exceeding the 21 million vehicles it sold in the same period.

Approximately 20,000 Toyota models are being recalled due to the starter motor issues that see metallic particles accumulating on the contacts within the starter motor relays.

Toyota claims that if the relays continue to be used, the built-up particles could flake off and enter the surrounding circuitry and potentially lead to, "the starter relays catching fire," revealed a Toyota spokesperson.

Previous vehicle recalls include: 2.2 million Prius models recalled in the latter half of last year and a further 1.9 million models recalled in February due a software fault that could cause the car to unexpectedly slow down.

Although recalls are not uncommon in the automotive industry, Toyota's recent glut of safety concerns triggered a criminal investigation into the carmaker by US authorities.

Earlier this year, the firm agreed a $1.2bn (£720m) settlement with US regulators after a four-year inquiry into its reporting of safety issues.