McLaren 12C to be replaced by 650S


It's official; McLaren will 'suspend' production of the 12C and press on with the manufacture and sale of the new 650S model – a more focussed and stylistically tweaked version of the Woking marque's supercar.

The British manufacturer was adamant that the 12C wouldn't be replaced by the 650S when it was unveiled at this year's Geneva motor show but in a recent letter to all existing 12C customers, McLaren Automotive CEO Mike Flewitt announced that the firm has decided to "cease (production) in light of the success of the 650S."

McLaren has only been making and selling its potent performance car for three years and in that time, 3,500 examples have found loving homes. To placate current owners, the marque has pledged to offer a free Technology Upgrade package that improves the software controlling the rear-wing, and adds the Android-based IRIS infotainment system with DAB radio and a reversing camera.

The free upgrade will be available to all 3,500 examples of the 12C coupe and Spider, whether they were purchased new from the factory or second-hand through McLaren's Qualified Programme.

Many have seen the announcement as an 'admirable' way to handle the inevitable upgrade and improvement of a model, offering enhanced technology for free rather then pressuring customers into buying the latest model.

Yet others, predominantly McLaren 12C owners, have complained that a far superior product (much of the world's media has poured praise upon the 650S) has arrived after just three years, rendering their pride and joy out-dated.

McLaren 12C bows out

McLaren 12C bows out