Trion Supercars unleashes 2,000bhp Nemesis


Do you like supercars but find their low-slung exteriors a little bit difficult to get into? If the answer is yes, American manufacturer Trion Supercars might just have the perfect vehicle.

The aptly named Nemesis is the brainchild of the small volume Californian automotive manufacturer and it hopes to show the European marques a thing or two with its brutal 2,000bhp twin-turbocharged V8 engine.

Trion has only been operating since 2012 but early computer renderings reveal what the madcap motor might look like if it ever goes into production.

Power will be transmitted to the rear wheels via an eight-speed sequential gearbox, while a carbon fibre shell will help to keep overall weight down. The heady mix of 2,000bhp and a lightweight chassis results in a 0-60mph sprint time of 2.8 seconds and a top speed in the region of 270mph.

As for taller customers, Trion claims that "the interior packaging will comfortably accommodate" drivers around the 6ft 4in mark, while the hardtop model can accommodate drivers over 7ft.

Customers will also be treated to the bizarrely-titled 'Predator Mode' feature that apparently modifies interior lighting, stiffens suspension, lowers the ride height and increases the aural impact of the exhaust pipes.

The boot has also been specially designed to fit golf clubs and an impressive amount of luggage so customers don't have to swap cars should they fancy an impromptu road trip.

Because the model is still very much in the development stage, pricing is yet to be announced and a production date hasn't been set in stone.

Trion Nemesis

Trion Nemesis