Feast your eyes on the new BMW M4 convertible


Most people will know that BMW has ditched the M3 badge in favour of its new M3 Saloon and M4 monikers, the latter denoting the Coupe version.

There is now another model to add to the confusion and that is the much-anticipated BMW M4 Convertible, a two-door drop-top that features the same powerful 425bhp engine as the M3 and M4 but adds a three-part folding metal roof for open-air thrills.

Various weight saving measures have been employed to ensure the latest model is lighter than its predecessor (60kg in fact), while aerodynamic adjustments aid performance, agility and efficiency.

New external features include a dynamically shaped front apron, a smooth underbody and special airflow channelling through the front end all help to counter lift at speed. The classic 'Power Dome' bonnet bulge and M3 side gills remain.

BMW M4 Convertible

BMW M4 Convertible

The hot model will cost £60,730 when it goes on sale in the UK this September but customers will be investing in a machine that can happily destroy the 0-62mph sprint in just 4.6 seconds yet will happily transport four adults in comfort and style.

A greater emphasis on comfort is highlighted by the addition of a wider wind deflector for buffeting-free open-air driving and an optional three-stage neck-warming Air Collar in the front seats.

The improved folding metal roof is also 2dB quieter than the outgoing M3 Convertible, while new roof headlining also contributes to improved winter warmth and comfort.

Performance remains impressive thanks to the twin-turbocharged six-cylinder powerhouse and the addition of M Division fettling of both the chassis and steering is said to provide a true M car driving experience.