Shocking footage shows attempted carjacking in South Africa


American automotive website Jalopnik has published shocking footage of an attempted carjacking in South Africa.

The video shows a silver Mercedes-Benz M Class SUV pulling up to the side of the road when a white M Class arrives at speed from the rear. The back door swings open before the white SUV has even come to a stop and a man jumps out waving what appears to be a pistol.

The quick-thinking driver in the silver Mercedes manages to slip the car into reverse and floor the accelerator as the gunman gives chase with his firearm pointed at the windscreen.

After a tense few seconds, the gunman gives up chasing down his target on foot and the white Mercedes spins around in the road, presumably to go pick up the gun-toting robber.

A CCTV camera mounted to a nearby house captured the tense footage -which lasts just one minute – and local newspaper, Pretoria Rekord Looklocal, uploaded it to YouTube.

The comment that accompanies the upload reads: "Residents are requested to be more vigilant as various syndicates and criminals are becoming more active during broad daytime hours."

Carjacking is on the increase in South Africa, with official figures revealing that it has increased by 5.4 per cent in 2012/13. An average of 28 vehicles were hijacked everyday in South Africa during this time period.