Driver slapped with fine for slurping Slush Puppie behind the wheel


A motorist has spoken of her outrage after she was slapped with a £100 fine for slurping a Slush Puppie while at the wheel of her vehicle.

Sophie Vaughan, 22, was stuck in traffic as she travelled home from a lunch date with friends when a policeman on a bicycle accused the young motorist of driving without due care and attention.

The incident, which occurred in Carshalton, South London, saw the pedal-powered policeman call for another officer on a bicycle and two further officers in a van to hand Sophie the £100 fixed penalty.

Accounts manager Sophie, of nearby Wallington, told The Sun: "I wasn't even moving.

"I'm outraged. And talk about overkill - to have four police officers dealing with such a petty thing is a joke."

She revealed that police officers spotted her drinking the icy drink in her Ford Ka convertible as she sat in standstill traffic.

Sophie said she has been driving for four years without obtaining so much as a parking fine and vowed to appeal the alleged offence after her previously squeaky clean licence was hit with three penalty points following the incident.

A Met Police spokesperson told the Daily Mail: "Any person who thinks they have been unjustly issued with a fixed penalty notice has the right to appeal through the courts."