Video: Lamborghini Aventador smashes into hatchback while tearing around London


A Lamborghini Aventador owner was left picking up pricy pieces of carbon fibre after colliding with a Mazda2 hatchback on the busy streets of Knightsbridge.

The £260,000 Italian exotic – that is capable of a top speed of 217mph – had been previously spotted tearing around the streets of London, emitting flames from the exhaust and generally showing off before the moment of impact.

Footage captured by Thomas Melsens, who subsequently submitted it to supercar spotter Shmee 150, shows the black Aventador travelling down Sloane Street in London's Knightsbridge before careering into a Mazda that is pulling out of the junction.

The Lambo then narrowly misses a parked Qashqai before slamming into a stationary BMW 320d, scattering debris and expensive bodywork all over the road.

The BMW owner, art consultant Lila Afshar, told the London Evening Standard: "We showed up about three hours after the incident and there was a letter on the windshield.

"The Lamborghini was being towed away and the owner came up and explained what had happened. He was really apologetic about it."

Paul Wallace, from The Supercar Scene, was quick to arrive shortly after the accident happened.

"I got a call to say someone had reported the Lamborghini crash on Sloane Street.

"This car is known in London but I had never seen it before. From YouTube videos he enjoys revving the engine to create exhaust flames.

"It's a very nice example of the Aventador so I wonder whether we'll see it on the road again.

"The owner seemed young and was with a group of friends after the crash who all seemed relaxed bearing in mind the wreckage on the road.

"I have never seen a Lamborghini in such a bad way, and couldn't really believe my eyes or ears when I heard about this crash," he told The Telegraph.

Watch the smash below