Jenson Button tells F1 stars to "race something else" if they aren't happy


F1 Grand Prix of Malaysia - Practice

British Formula 1 superstar and McLaren racer Jenson Button has hit out at fellow F1 drivers over complaints that the 2014 cars are 'too slow' and 'too quiet'.
> Button said, "Go and race something else if you are not happy," in a press conference following remarks from Sebastian Vettel that the new F1 engines sound "s**t".

"As drivers we don't have an opinion of where the cars are in terms of sound and feel," said Button.

"When you cross the finish line first you have won a Grand Prix. You don't care what it sounds like or what it looks like," he added, reported AutoSport Magazine.

"You have beaten the best in the world and that is all you care about."

The straight talking Brit is currently third in the points table after claiming third place at the season-opening race in Australia, following Daniel Ricciardo's disqualification due to fuel sensor discrepancies.

F1 Grand Prix of Malaysia - Practice

Despite a call from F1 fans and certain drivers to revert back to the loud V8 engines, some drivers are more than happy with the current legislation.

Nico Rosberg – coincidentally the current leader - said of the new rules: "I think it has been all good for F1.

"It has changed the pecking order around, which is definitely good for everybody.

"It was the same guy winning last year so it needed change. The cars are great to drive, which is fine, so I think it is all good."