​Battered Toyota Previa is Boris's car of choice


Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, revealed yesterday his car of choice for driving around London and across the country.

But while his aristocratic demeanour and personal wealth might lead you to imagine Boris driving around in a plush Jaguar or Bentley, the reality is rather different.

You see, Boris was snapped yesterday at a petrol station in East London, filling up a dirty, dented Toyota Previa.

According to the Daily Mail, when asked by a passer-by whether it was his car, Boris responded "Yes, it is. Would you like to buy it?"

Of course, on closer examination, an old banger like this seems the perfect vehicle for a man with such a recognisable face.

While it's likely some might crane to see who was at the wheel of an expensive sports car or in the back of a limo, you can imagine few people giving Boris's beaten-up people carrier a second glance – allowing him to slip through the streets of London in perfect anonymity.

There's only one clue as to the driver's political stance, and it comes in the form of a sticker on the Previa's rump, proclaiming: "I (heart) Scotland".

In an article in the Daily Telegraph, Boris had previously said of the sticker: "I have a feeling it was stuck there by some fellows from Strathclyde police when they came down to help with the Notting Hill carnival, and I keep it there because it reflects my general feelings."

There's no word, however, on whether it's the perfect weight distribution of the Previa's mid-engined layout that Boris appreciates most about his transport of choice, or simply the flexibility of its capacious cabin.

Author: Alex Robbins