Chancellor's fuel duty 'failure' blasted by campaigners


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George Osborne described it as a Budget for "the makers, the doers and the savers" – but he seemed to forget "the drivers"...

In a vote-grabbing speech, the Chancellor yesterday launched a number of crowd-pleasing pledges in the House of Commons such as slashing one pence off a pint of beer and halving the tax on Bingo.

However, fuel duty campaigners have blasted Osborne's budget as a "missed opportunity" as he failed to cut fuel duty, too.

The FairFuelUK campaign, backed by TV star Quentin Willson, says the Treasury is "in denial" as it ignored calls to cut fuel tax by three pence.

Willson said: "It was a lost opportunity to ease the burden on families and businesses when the economy is still fragile. Cutting tax on beer and bingo and not on fuel duty shows how really out of touch this Government is."

The founder of the FairFuelUK movement, Howard Cox, believes the Chancellor has missed an opportunity to stimulate growth, too.

He said: "I am hugely disappointed by the Chancellor's budget. It seems the Treasury is in total denial.

"We have presented conclusive proof that cutting fuel duty will generate jobs, increase GDP and lower inflation. Evidence they have yet to refute and supported by MPs from all parties.

"Mr Osborne even said in his Budget speech that punitive taxation is wrong. Well what's more punitive than taking 60 per cent in tax from 32 million road users?

"The Chancellor simply does not get it. Cutting fuel duty is a real fiscal stimulus and he has missed the opportunity of accelerating our recent positive economic growth."

There was some good news for owners of classic cars, though. The Chancellor introduced a rolling 40-year road tax exemption for cars built from 1973.

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