The supercars £107 million lottery winner should buy


It has been recently announced that Neil Trotter, from Coulsdon, south London, is now the lucky owner of a bank balance that displays a cool £107.9 million thanks to a whopping EuroMillions win.

The (former) car mechanic and keen amateur racer has vowed to spend the money on a new house with a garage large enough to house a new collection of supercars.

"I drive a Ford Focus at the moment. It's always been reliable but the steering wheel is black from oil off my hands and it's time for an upgrade," he told the Belfast Telegraph.

"There are a lot of stunning cars out there - I'm going to need a lot of garage space at the new house. I would love to own a hypercar - that would be amazing. Something like the McLaren, although I'm not sure how easy they are to get hold of."

To answer your question Mr Trotter, hypercars such as a McLaren, are very easy to get hold of when you have £107 million in the bank that is steadily increasing thanks to favourable interest rates.

But if there isn't a McLaren sat in the local dealer, there are plenty of stunning hypercars currently on the market, so here is our top five selection that Mr Trotter should consider spending his winnings on...

Ferrari LaFerrari

The hybrid hypercar captured the imagination of the automotive press and general public as soon as it was unveiled at the Geneva motor show in 2013. Very few have been lucky enough to jump behind the wheel of the 950bhp monster but the chosen ones have been gobsmacked by the levels of performance the LaFerrari offers. Mr Trotter – an amateur drag racer – will also appreciate the 0-62mph sprint time of under three seconds. Only 499 units were ever produced and all of those are 'accounted for' but some sources have already spied them on the 'used' market sporting price tags in excess of £2 million.

McLaren P1

All 375 McLaren P1's are already sold making the act of walking into a local dealer and simply 'purchasing' one of the 217mph beauties bit of a nightmare. Mr Trotter can blame Top Gear for that because, according to the magazine, McLaren saw uplift in demand after Clarkson raved about it on primetime television. Fret not, several dealers have already put models up for sale but there's a price to pay. The original asking price was £866,000 but demand is pushing that figure up to around £1.27 million. Still, Mr Trotter will get one of the most ferocious machines on the market and still have plenty of change from his winnings.

Supercars for lottery winners

Supercars for lottery winners

Koenigsegg One:1

The aforementioned McLaren and Ferrari use an intelligent mix of powerful combustion engine and battery power to achieve the astronomical performance figures. The Koenigsegg, on the other hand, uses brute force. A total of 1340bhp is available from the highly-strung 5.0-litre V8 but only six will be made and all have sold out. Two are making their way to British customers so we're sure Mr Trotter could convince one of them to go halves.

Pagani Revolucion

Little says 'I'm absolutely minted' like a vehicle crafted by the fair hands of Horacio Pagani, so why not invest in one of the most extreme cars the Argentine has ever created? The Mercedes V12 engine develops a cool 800bhp and almost every surface is shod in carbon fibre, so expect a 0-62mph dash of 2.6 seconds. Thankfully, Horacio is a fairly easy going chap and will build you one of these for the right price. Mr Trotter only needs to raise around £2million and it's his.

Porsche 918 Spyder

A lottery winner could do much worse than invest in one of the most technologically advanced Porsches ever made. The 918 Spyder had Richard Hammond struggling for words when he drove it in Abu Dhabi recently and that's because the 918's 4.6-litre V8 engine and powerful electric motors develop 875bhp combined. The result is a car that can lap the Nurburgring in 6 minutes and 57 seconds – it's certainly no slouch. It costs £715,000, making it the cheapest vehicle on this list, but we're sure Porsche can tempt Mr Trotter out of a few more pennies with its extensive options list.