Teacher tries to find good Samaritan who left note after car was damaged by truck


A woman whose car was scraped by a truck that didn't stop has launched a social media campaign to find an eyewitness who scribbled down its registration number.
> Natalie-Jane Davey came back to her white Mini Cooper S that was parked in Shaftesbury Road, Richmond, south-west London, to find a note on the windscreen signed by someone called Lee and which read: "Hello, A scaffolding truck has just scraped your car, right along the petrol cap. They didn't come back so I got their reg for you."

The registration number is then given, and Lee signs off by saying: "Get the cheeky *******!"

A report in Metro said that police told her they would need a formal witness statement to prosecute the driver, so Natalie-Jane has taken to Facebook and Twitter to try to find Lee.

The teacher posted a picture of the note, urging Lee to get in touch and saying that she wanted to thank him and buy him a beer.

She also asked people to share the link – and since then, said Metro, the photo has been liked by more than 10,000 people and has also been shared more than 45,000 times.

The bid to trace Lee has also shifted to Twitter, using the hashtag #FindLee – and according to the London Evening Standard, celebrities such as ex-footballer Paul Scholes have joined in by retweeting Natalie-Jane's plea.

According to Metro, recent posts on Facebook indicate that the truck owner may have been found by Natalie-Jane and has told her that she will be compensated, and the hunt for Lee has been successful.