Dangerous driver who killed father-of-two had 'killed before'


Colin Scarisbrick, accused of causing death by dangerous driving of school caretaker Jeff Argent in a road rage incident on the Formby by-pass ion October 7, 2014. Note; poor quality image. Better quality may be available later

Liverpool crown court has sentenced a reckless motorist to a lengthy prison sentence after he was found guilty of causing the death of a father-of-two by dangerous driving.
> School caretaker Jeff Argent died after Colin Scarisbrick clipped the rear of his Renault Clio, sending it hurtling off the road and into a lamppost during an alleged road rage incident.

Scarisbrick, of no fixed address, was found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving following a weeklong trial at Liverpool crown court, where the judge revealed this was not the first time he had killed someone in a car.

The court heard how Scarisbrick was driving along the dual carriageway from Southport to Liverpool at 11.30am on October 7 when a witness saw him tailgating Mr Argent's Clio and seemingly attempting to 'intimidate' the school caretaker.

Motorist Jennifer Reid told the court that she 'anticipated a collision' as Scarisbrick's VW van continued to follow the Clio from an unsafe distance.

The Liverpool Echo reported that witness Eileen Harrison, who was driving behind, gave a statement in which she said: "The vehicles seemed to be moving as one. There was no gap between them.

Road rage victim Jeff Argent

"The silver vehicle went over the grass verge in the middle of the road and the van sped off out of sight.

"The silver vehicle collided with the barrier and came off the grass verge crossing both lanes before going onto the pavement on the left hand side and into a lamp post."

According to the Southport Visitor, Scarisbrick was arrested shortly after the incident and exclaimed to the police: "Is this about that stupid thing this morning?"

He later admitted that he "deliberately cut-up" Mr Argent but claimed it was because he feared he would be "beaten-up" by the Clio driver.

The court heard how Scarisbrick had two previous convictions for dangerous driving: one for reaching speeds of up to 100mph in rural Wales and driving at 70mph after his tyres had been deflated by a stinger, as well as driving at 70mph in a built up area and forcing other vehicles off the road.

According to the Liverpool Echo, Judge Denis Watson, QC, said: "You have been convicted of a very very serious offence on what appeared to me to be overwhelming evidence.

"This is not the first time that you have caused death behind the wheel. The sentence is limited by statute to a maximum of 14 years. Whether that will be the sentence and the type of sentence will be considered on the next occasion but I warn you that the sentence you are likely to serve will be a very substantial one."

Scarisbrick was taken into custody to await sentence on April 14.