Video: Man ruins brakes doing burnout


Burning brakes

When it comes to fooling around in cars, there are few pleasures as simple (or as juvenile, frankly) as the humble burnout.

For the uninitiated, a burnout is the process of spinning the driven wheels, while keeping the car itself stationary – the result being plenty of smoke being generated from the tyres as they heat up due to friction.

A fairly pointless exercise then, but one that has proved to be popular amongst young drivers for generations, largely due to the small amount of skill needed to pull one off.

In a manual car it is simplicity itself. However, in automatic loving America, things can go awry, due to the need to hold the car on the brakes to prevent it spearing forward into the crowd of baseball cap-wearing youths that inevitably congregate.

And so this Lexus SC owner found out to his cost. Wowing the onlookers with his tyre torturing skills, the fun suddenly comes to an end when his brake discs suddenly glow red and then burst into flames.

An expensive mistake then, and reportedly one that can be cured with a 'line lock', which allows for independent operation of the front and rear brakes. Either way, though, we recommend you don't try this at home.