LAPD unveils liveried Lamborghini Gallardo


Police Gallardo

The Los Angeles Police Department has been showing off its new toy: a fully marked Lamborghini Gallardo supercar complete with sirens and flashing lights.

The V10 two-seater – which starts at over £135,000 in the UK and has a top speed of 199mph – would no doubt be the perfect tool to do battle with LA's criminals, and engage in the high speed pursuits with which the city has become synonymous.

It certainly looks the part, being decked out in the iconic black and white colour scheme, and with the department's emblem and 'to protect and to serve' stamped on the doors.

However, Ne'er do wells in the City of Angels can breathe a sigh of relief, as the Gallardo will not be out on patrol, but rather used for charity events and to raise awareness of the LAPD at recruitment drives.

The car is in fact privately owned by Travis Marg, the head of major telecommunications contractor Light Source 1, and the LAPD is keen to stress that no tax dollars were spent on the Gallardo in any way.

Already causing a stir on the Internet with its own Twitter and Instagram accounts, with the screen-name 'LAPDLambo', the car will make its first official appearance at the Los Angeles County Air Show on March 21.

This isn't the first time a Gallardo has been decked out in Police livery. Back in 2004, the Italian Polizia Stradale took delivery of its own model. However, unlike its US counterpart, the stunning supercar was actually put to good use, patrolling the motorways, and being used in high-speed chases and for critical organ transport.

You can view images of both Lamborghinis in the gallery below

Police Lamborghini Gallardos

Police Lamborghini Gallardos