Drivers start impromptu game of Rock, Paper, Scissors


car Rock, Paper, Scissors

Two drivers stuck in a traffic jam came up with a novel way of entertaining themselves: by playing Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Footage of the impromptu game, which was filmed by a third motorist in the car behind, has gone viral, being viewed over 360,000 times on YouTube and other social media sites.

Three rounds were captured on film, before moving traffic forced an end to the game. The driver of the rear car could celebrate a small victory, leading by two rounds to one.

Some viewers have been elated to see drivers countering the usually selfish images of motorists in traffic by entertaining each other, with one YouTube user commenting: "Awesome people! Faith in humanity partially restored."

Others, however, have been left bemused by exactly what was going on, with the staple UK game seemingly not translating well globally.

Click play below to watch a US TV news report (yes, really) on the game.