Video: Impatient driver flattens cyclist


Cyclist crash

A cyclist has been knocked off his bike by an impatient Audi driver during busy rush-hour traffic in Brisbane.

The collision, which was captured on the dash-mounted camera of a passing car, shows the clearly visible cyclist being hit square on by the motorist, who makes no attempt to brake before impact.

Thankfully – and despite the footage showing him falling directly in front of the moving car – the cyclist escaped with cuts and bruises.

The man would have come off a lot worse if he had not been wearing his cycle helmet, which shattered as he hit the ground.

Uploading the video to YouTube, the dash-cam's owner commented on the junction's poor setup leading to increased incidents of motorists cutting one another up.

"...So you can imagine my surprise when they chose to ram the bike instead," he wrote.

Police have interviewed the cyclist, but have not currently charged the female Audi driver over the incident.

Click play to watch the footage below