Long term report: Mitsubishi ASX


Having been behind the wheel of the revamped 2014 model Mitsubishi ASX for a couple of months now it's fair to say it's making me lazy.

Our previous ASX had keyless entry, automatic lights and window wipers as well as cruise control but the fact this latest model comes as an automatic means that I'm getting a bit too used to having things done for me.

The idea of having to use a key to get into my house is something I now look at with disdain. And having to actually turn lights on when I walk into a room? Do me a favour.

This month I've seen the delights of some of Britain's finest towns, as well as Grimsby, Hull and Northampton.

Thankfully the ASX makes driving long distances a doddle. The improved spec means the ride is quieter than the previous model while the performance of the 2-litre turbo diesel 4WD automatic makes light work of the motorways.

In fact, the more time I spend behind the wheel of the ASX, the more I notice some of the subtle improvements on the last model.

The interior certainly has a better quality feel and the sat nav, which had a tendency to give up in the past, seems much improved and hasn't let me down yet.

The knowledge

Model: Mitsubishi ASX 4 4WD Automatic
Price: £23,899 (as tested)
Engine: 2.2-litre diesel
Power: 147bhp, 360Nm
Max Speed: 118mph
0-60mph: 10.8s
Emissions: 153g/km
Mileage this month: 4,005


Covering hundreds of miles without having to do very much at all.

Author: Gareth Bethell