The most jaw-dropping close-call compilation you'll see all year


A recent study found that a staggering 29 million Brits suffer from 'accident anxiety' – a fear that is so strong in certain individuals that it has actually stopped them from getting behind the wheel altogether.

For those out there who feel that an accident is just around the corner, we strongly suggest you don't click play on the video below as it offers hard evidence that life is indeed a very fickle thing.

The seven-minute clip collates some of the closest calls that have ever been committed to film. Many of which have been captured on dash-mounted cameras and the scenes portrayed vary from sheet metal raining from the sky to trucks overturning just millimetres from clueless pedestrians.

Much of the footage is captured on roads as motorists avoid certain death by a few milliseconds and motorcyclists evade a massive collision by a matter of millimetres.

But a few short clips prove that 'acts of God' can happen to those who chose to travel in one of the safest ways possible – on two legs – as trees are blown over, motorsport spectators are almost mowed down and pedestrians crossing the road narrowly avoid out of control cars.

Take a look at the clip below and be prepared to wince... continuously.